Membership ID/Tow vehicles

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Membership ID/Tow vehicles

Postby Jayne » Fri Mar 12, 2010 8:23 am

Membership Cards: Please have membership cards available to show at the gate. This will prevent any problems with tow vehicles. Cards also need to be wore in active staging.

Renewal notices are in the mail. If your card is expired and you plan on renewing at the event, show your card along with renewal notice. For those of you Grandfathered in, the same membership dues apply as last year.

For the people that have renewed already, passes are also in the mail.

If there is a problem with ID, paying the support vehicle fee at the gate is the best way to go. I will be able to fix the problem at the AMRA tech trailer.

4 wheelers, dirt bikes, ATV's will only be allowed for towing motorcycles, no riding around in the facility. This is an insurance policy condition. No exceptions

Tow Bikes and Golf Carts are permitted as in the past.

All tow vehicles will need to display an AMRA plate with your race bike number on it.

Please note: This is meant to make the entire facility safer, not to cause any problems.

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