Running of Finals at Bowling Green

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Running of Finals at Bowling Green

Postby admin » Wed Sep 12, 2018 1:35 pm

Looking at the running of the final rounds from June Race during the Qualifying session at Sept Bowling Green.
Looks Like Final Round remains for PF, PG, PM, OS, D, and TE
2 rounds remain [at the Semis] for Mod, HS, SS SP, and SG
4 Rounds remain for SE, PE, and E, classes

I believe that the best and most time efficient way to accomplish the “finals” on Saturday [Bowling Green] is to run two rounds of Qualifying, On Schedule.

For the 3rd round (of qualifying) I believe we should begin Eliminations. PG, TE, PM, OS, PF, and Dressers, running their Finals. Mod, HS, SS, SG, SP, Semi’s. E, PE, SE, to run the Second elimination Round. The remainder of the racers in all classes will run their 3rd qualifying round, behind these Eliminations. All times count towards qualifying.

Obviously that would leave a 4th round. Finals for Mod, HS, SS, SP, and SG
As well as another round [Quarter Finals] for E, SE, and PE
All times to count towards Qualifying

5th Round for Eliminations of E, PE, SE, to get to a Semi
That’s 6 rounds folks!!! To get E, SE and PE thru the Finals.

To be fair… to SE, PE, SP, and SG, we should count any extra round time toward Qualifying … effectively giving the Winner and runners-up of SE and PE Six rounds!!! But, we Know that Racing is Not like Qualifying in an index class… so it may or May Not make up for only having 2 rounds of Qualifying, vs 3.
But… it is still a lot of trips down the track!!
I have Pondered this Long… and Believe it to be Fair..
And it is Still gonna take a very long day to get it in!!!
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